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The stretch most women never do -- but need to!

So I'm feeling pretty good about my fitness level these days (I've been working out just about six days a week—and I'm on to my second triathlon on September 11th). My knee pains are pretty much nonexistent now that I've been using a foam roller to knead the knots out of my thighs. But I've been having other issues—cramping and stiffness in my fingers and hands, most likely due to the almost 12+ hours a day I spend on the computer or iPhone.


That's why I met with an acupuncturist recently to help me figure out how to get rid of the pain. She had a simple question: "Do you stretch your forearms?" I definitely stretch my triceps and my shoulders, but I've never thought about stretching this part of my arms. Not many people do, but come to find out this is a big reason why—in this day and age of technology where we overuse our fingers and hands—that so many people have hand issues (carpal tunnel, trigger finger [which I have], and more).


The acupuncturist gave me this hand stretch to do several times a day: keep your arms straight and hold for several seconds for each hand (see the first and second pictures). Then find the point shown in the last photo and knead those muscles with your thumb (like using a foam roller ... but only with your thumb!).

Try fingers and hands have started to feel better already!


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