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Stubborn 10 pounds

Hello everyone! I just joined because I have been struggling with the same 10 pounds for years. I am not really overweight but the extra pounds like to disperse in the worst places! I am ashamed because I am such a motivated person when it comes to work and school but for some reason I just can't conjur up the motivation to exercise. I am active but I would love to tone my body, especially for the summer. I find that I have very little time to spare for exercise and when I do find the time, I'd rather fill it with relaxing or doing errands/chores. I had a gym membership that I paid a very pretty penny for and barely ever used it. Just like everyone else, I figured that if I paid for it then that would be another reason to go. Every month I would feel worse and worse because I was wasting money on something I wasn't even using. I have been keeping a daily food/exercise journal to help myself keep closer track of what I consume and the exercise that I actually do. My lack of interest in exercise is really bringing me down. I can't seem to find a routine that interests me!


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