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The stupid sun mistake almost all women make

I'm a hawk when it comes to applying sunscreen to my two kids, making sure it gets onto every exposed bit of the face, neck, ears. Yet, I went outdoors this past weekend to 'pull a few weeds', I told myself. Since I didn't intend to be out for long, I didn't bother to slather on SPF. Well, I paid for it. The backs of my arms got burned to a bright shade of red. I should know better: we write all kinds of pieces in Shape about taking preventive measures with the sun and repeatedly say never to go out without sunscreen. It's this kind of casual sun exposure that is the cause of premature wrinkles --and skin cancer. Never again, I vowed. I went right to CVS to check out the latest SPFs and found protective moisturizers (I'm liking Lubriderm Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15); you can slather them on in the morning--and rub on throughout the day without feeling sticky or smelling like coconuts. Now I'm making it a point to apply them every morning after showering so if I'm running errands or just outdoors for short periods of time, I have some protection without having to stop to apply a sunscreen.

One daily change: Buy three things for your skin this summer: a lip balm with SPF (wear it every day), a body lotion with SPF (apply it every morning), and a high SPF sunscreen to wear when you'll be outdoors for long periods (my personal fave: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 70).


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