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Sugar and Spice

girly, unapologetically feminine, ruffles are everywhere. Wanting to
get on board, I tried on lots of frilly dresses and tops, twisting and
turning in the dressing room mirror and, thinking, 'But I don't want to
be a pirate!' The layers land in such a way that I appear to be two
sizes bigger, or I resemble my six-year-old self getting ready for my
first grade portrait. This trend, I concluded, just didn't seem to be
one I could pull off.

I'd just about given up when I found these booties from Bakers ($80;
The leather (instead of chiffon like the tops I was trying on) keeps
them from feeling too prissy, while the high heel and peep-toe kick up
the sex factor. Most importantly, they pass my ultimate
try-a-new-trend-that-I'm-not-totally-sold-on test--they ring up at less
than 100 bucks.


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