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Summer Feet Savers

My feet are officially ravaged by this heat wave. Every pair of shoes I
own has a strap or buckle in a different place, and in each one of
those spots I have blister or sore spot. I'm not a fan of switching
into flip-flops between appointments or during the work commute, รƒยก la
Melanie Griffith in Working Girl (I'll always associate this
practice with her 80s white slouchy socks and high top sneakers). So I
have literally not stopped raving about Band Aid Advanced Healing
Blister Ampoules ($5 for six;
since I discovered them in the first-aid aisle of my pharmacy. They
stay on for days and are barely detectable on the skin. But the best
part is that they create a cushy barrier, so you can still wear the
shoes that did the damage in the first place.


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