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Take 5 minutes a day to do THIS

Sorry I haven't been blogging much this week; we've been in the thick of shipping our June issue (lots of good stuff coming up!) and between that and fitting in my runs, core training in the gym, 2 kids...and well, you get the picture. I've been crazy busy!

I've gotten my eating under control (and realized that the extra training plus a bit of PMS in there might have contributed to my OUT-OF-CONTROL appetite) and continuing with my training (see my training schedule on my previous blog if you're just checking in). But the one thing I wasn't doing (there's always something, right??): stretching. It's the easiest thing to leave off and it's probably the most important.

I started getting twinges (very slight, but still a little bit painful) in my left knee, my heel, and my calf because I've been skipping my stretches in the morning after running/biking in a rush to shower, get dressed, and get on the train for work. BUT if you let something like this slide without doing anything, you'll have a full-on injury (and if that were the case with me, I'd never make it to my first triathlon!).

So I've been foam rolling my left leg (outer leg, top of my thigh, inner leg, and calf). You can get these over the web pretty inexpensively but I'd recommend if you're just working out, training for a 5K, or gearing up for your first tri like me. It seems easy, but if you've got muscles as tight as mine are, it can be painful. But after this week of foam rolling, my leg seems better. I've also been doing other stretches for my legs and arms (look for more on Moral of the story: don't forget to stretch OR you'll be down for the count when it comes to your exercise program. Talk soon; next up...figuring out all the gear I need for this tri (it's a bit overwhelming to say the least!)

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