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Tap into your gut!

In listening to Larry King Live the other night in the car (I've invested in XM Satellite radio as I find I never have time to watch TV shows...only to listen to them while I'm driving!), I heard the two UC Berkeley campus staff talk about how they sensed something was wrong with that psycho who kidnapped Jaycee Dugard--and they acted on it. He was arrested and Jaycee--and her two daughters--was freed, thankfully. The Berkeley staffers were women, surprise, surprise. Women just seem naturally more intuitive than men (sorry, guys...just my observation!)--and yet, so many of us don't tap into it. What if those women had been so busy or preoccupied that they didn't listen to that sixth sense; that poor woman would still be "playing" happy family with that sex offender. Tuning into your intuition is key to your mental well being--one of the reasons we're doing a feature on it in our next issue of Shape (October, which hits newsstands this week).

One daily change: When something doesn't feel or look right, listen to that voice.
And bring it to the attention of someone who may be able to act on it. If it is nothing, no one will fault you for speaking up. But if something is wrong, think about how good you'll feel knowing you made a difference.


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