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Teeth whitening tips for red wine lovers

I think that there are few things better in life that a really great glass of Pinot Noir, but when I hit the holiday party circuit, I often begrudgingly order white wine instead. Who wants to strike up a conversation with the cute guy across the room when you're worried your that your teeth are an unflattering shade of purple? Recently, though, I got amazing advice from dentist-to-the-stars, Dr. Brian Kantor, who practices at Lowenberg and Lituchy in New York City. If you want to indulge in a bottle of your favorite red, simply swipe a thin dab of Vaseline over your teeth before breaking into the vino. "It acts as a barrier and prevents stains, so your smile stays bright," he says. Bonus: It also helps keep lipstick off your teeth. Cheers to that!—EM



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