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Tell me how YOU adjust your workouts for fall!

For all you early morning exercisers (of which I am one), it’s only August 3 — and we’re already starting to move into the fall time zone. And I’m not loving it one bit. I was on vacation in Michigan and Chicago for all of last week (it’s amazing to get away from your daily routine and away from the Blackberry and cell phones ringing)—and I’m up ready to do my early morning run…and it’s still pitch black. When did this happen?? And last night, I went to our local pool to swim laps and by 8 p.m. (it closes at 8:30), the overhead night lights were on and it was getting dark. Yikes!

As I mention in my editor’s letter in the August issue, out on newsstands now, my early morning runs and bikes have been my sanity savers—almost like meditation. They clear my thoughts for the day ahead and get me some much-needed “me” time before my kids wake up.  And now—despite being up since 5 gearing up for a long first-day-back-since-vacation day ahead—I’m waiting…and waiting…for the light to come up. I’m not loving the idea of heading indoor for my workouts already; it’s still summer!!

I’m curious how you all adjust your workouts, particularly your outdoor ones, as the days get shorter. Tell me your tricks and hopefully, I’ll be able to tweak mine too.


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