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Tell me how you overcome worry!

Sorry for being MIA; I haven't been blogging in awhile because-between training for my upcoming Tri, sending the August issue to press, and just juggling work and family-I haven't had a minute to write my blogs. BUT something has to give when you try to do too much-and for me, blogging was the one thing (sorry!). One thing that you begin to realize as you get older, you really can do it all...just not at the same time!

So in these past weeks, I've done a 25-mile bike "race" (I wasn't really racing, just wanting to finish-which I'm happy to say I did! See pic attached) and ramped up my swimming and biking. I'm heading out for a swim/bike right now. Check out the final 3-month training plan (attached too); my tri is only a couple of weeks away!














A couple of things I've learned in these past few weeks:

1) Get the right gear. No matter what activity you're trying to do, make sure you have the proper gear and that it's right for you. For me, I jumped in the pool a couple of weeks ago with an old pair of goggles and I spent 20 minutes trying to adjust the darn things!! When I went to buy a new pair, the store clerk explained to me that just any old pair won't do. He tried different pairs on my eyes and the ones that stick to your eye sockets-without the band being around your head-are the right fit; if you try to get a bigger pair, you'll get water in your eyes every stroke (which is what happened to me).

2) Get some sleep! Getting enough sleep is key to doing anything right, but it definitely gives you more power when you're working out. The days when I haven't gotten enough sleep (and there have been quite a few lately) are the days when I can't run that extra mile or bike that extra 5.

3) Stop worrying! I'm still working on this one, but I'm still waking up in the middle of the night terrified about the tri swim in the middle of the river. Tell me how you manage worry. I'd love to hear your tips!!



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