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Thoughts so far

We’re four days into the Vegan Kickstart program. Here are my thoughts so far:

- I certainly feel very healthy. I don’t weigh myself frequently, but my stomach is feeling a little tighter already and I have plenty of energy.

- I lead a very active life (running, Yoga, walking the dog, shopping) and I’ve been experiencing some hunger: when I wake up in the morning and at lunch and dinnertime I’m quite hungry. That’s not a problem because I can just eat a meal. But at night, between 8 and 10, my stomach grumbles again. I’ve been eating trail mix or apples, but last night I was feeling kind of deprived (especially since I went cold turkey on sweets) so I had a mug of soy hot chocolate. I’m going to consult Susan Levin, my dietician, and get back to you on this.

- The cooking is easy and fun. Recipes are simple and with a little planning, I can eat on time in the evening... We’ll see if I feel the same way back at school next week!

Fellow Kickstarters, do you have any questions you’d like me to pass along to Susan for you?

Okay. Now the yummy stuff. Breakfast was delish oatmeal again. I went to Yoga class and then cracked open a can of Amy’s Organic Butternut Squash Soup for lunch. It was fantastic, salted and peppered a tad, with Ezekiel toast on the side. After I snapped the photo, I spread my toast with some Better n’ PB and a drizzle of honey. Soo good.

I was invited to an alumni dinner for my high school at my favorite pizza place. This was a true exercise in self-control—the good news is I found a salad involving mixed greens, pistachios, butternut squash, and beets. I just asked them to hold the goat cheese. Butternut squash seems to be the theme of the day, eh? Get more healthy recipes and ideas with butternut squash here.


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