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The threat of office snacks....

On any given day our office kitchen looks like the below photo (ah!)—filled with cookies, chocolates, and cake! I just had to take a picture of it today because this is by far the worst it’s ever been. Even though it’s the office of Shape magazine editors, we still have the same issues as every other work environment—the delicious, but so-not-good for you snacks are endless and kill our diets too (not to mention our moods). Because we ARE Shape magazine however, we do have cabinets full of the newest healthy snacks, organic teas, and protein bars on hand. But even we suffer from the office snack munchies. They're hard to avoid because a sweet treat always seems like it'll be so satisifying—but it never does the trick. So I’ve been bringing a lunchbox full of healthy options for a week now—grapes, applesauce with a sprinkle of cinnamon, yogurt, and cashews—when anyone asks me to tag along to a coworker's birthday celebration in the staff room, I take my yogurt with me (therefore I'm not left empty-handed and craving whatever yummy is in front of me)! And, I’m going on vacation with my boyfriend to the Dominican Republic next week, so I’m trying to stay slim and look and feel my best.

Avoiding office snacks is doable if you plan ahead and don’t let yourself get so starved that you have to give in. Yes they taste good, but in the end they don’t make you feel any better. I give myself a pat on the back when I went through a day without wandering into the office kitchen....






Here are a few ways I’ve learned to stay on track:

  • Schedule a meeting/phone call/walk around the block during the time of any office party (don’t forget to let your coworker know happy birthday or congratulations or she’ll think you’re snubbing her!).
  • Planning the party yourself? Get a mix of healthy treats, which you like, and something for everyone else. Make your plate and leave the room after any celebrating is over; this way you won’t hang around and keep grazing.
  • And, if you must...cut off a slice of cupcake or a piece of the cookie and throw the rest away! A little bit of bad is always okay and won’t make you feel left out.


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