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Time is Not on My Side, no it isn't

Well, we all know that in this day and age fitness, feeling good and healthy, and looking good and healthy is in everyone's mind.  I know I think about morning, noon and night.  I even dream myself eating salads and exercising.  All of this in my sleep.  The thing is that in my sleep it doesn't work.  I have to do it while awake.  Time is the keyword.  Time is necessary if you want to work out, eat healthy and loose weight.  Plan meals, schedule exercises and keep track of a dayly planner.  I have really big problems with time.  Time is not my best friend and it hasn't been my friend since I started working and studying ant the same time when I was 14.  Time should be the best asset I have in my pockets, but in reality its just a nuisance.  I know that we all need time for ourselves because after work and homely duties, one needs time off of everything and deal with what we want and need inside.  It's like taking care of the person that inhabits us. 

First of all, I am a waitress and I work different hours during the week.  The hours I work break my day in half and I don't get too much time during the morning.  I enter at 11:00 am from thursdays to sundays and I never have a fixed hour of exit.  Normally I work until 7:00 or 10:00 pm without lunch time.  The nights I work I get in at 6:30 pm and work sometimes until 3:00 am.  Those days are a little better because I have time during the late morning to do whatever, but still it's not enough time.

I should be having breakfast everyday, with my snacks, lunch and dinner, b ut I never seem to do it.  At least I'm not eating any more fast foods.  I used to eat a lot in McDonald's and Burger King and all that junk food was all I ever ate.  At least I don't do that anymore.  Of that I'm actually proud of myself.  If anyone ever does that they should feel good about themselves.

But time doesn't give me time to escape and walk around or go swimming or even go to a gym!  I hate that.  I like to stay physically active.  I've always been the kind of person who likes to do things, but never alone and I have to fight with that.  But the real obstacle is the fact that I don't know what to do with the time I need for exercise.  The other problem I have is the time my boyfriend wants to spend with me.  Some of our free time we want to spend together because we both work and our hours are very different.  I think I just have to prioritize, but I don't know where to begin.  What should I put first?  My job?  I need the money.  Myself?  I have a goal and I need to treat myself better not just to feel and look good, but I'm not getting any younger.  My boyfriend?  We have been talking about marriage, but he works and studies and I normally have two jobs at the same time.  We don't get much time together.

So you see my dilema.  Time is not on my side, no it isn't.


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