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Ok, here I go again...After visiting my elderly mother having her state that if she

saw me in the street she would not recognize me was shocking...but the biggest shock was when I went to my new weight management class and discovered that I am 226 pounds...I almost hit the floor... now I know why I am getting tingling in my hands, knee pains and trouble walking...

I have always been between 135 and 170 this weight gain is killing mm suffered heart failure two years ago but did not die...she has a pace maker and inquired wheter or not I would be joining her...imagine the horror or thought of this taking now ( since 11/30/2010) I am on a 1500-1800 calorie count a will help me get to the 1200 calories I need to be eating daily...also I will start my excerise program shortly, so I am hopeful...

I am doing this finally for the right reason...that is ...for me  


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