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Too Much Information

Have you ever made a purchase that was just so good you can't help but spill all the details any time someone compliments you on it? Example:

Fashionable passerby: I love your shoes. Where are they from?
Me: Oh, they're forever-old Balenciaga.... Actually, they were the last pair in the entire store and were 75 percent off. Seriously, I got them for $250. Incredible, right? They're a half size too big so I'm wearing two pairs of thick socks right now.

At this point, the once-friendly inquisitor is looking for the nearest exit. Or she's staring at me in disbelief, as if to say, 'Why would I care about the amazing deal you got three years ago on a pair of shoes I like but can't go out and buy for myself?' But I can't seem to stop. Tan suede Balenciaga ankle boots with crossing straps and a wedge heel--the score of a lifetime!

Do you have something in your closet that elicits this type of uncontrollable monologue?


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