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The Top 10 Reasons for Getting in SHAPE

This has been a long time coming...honesty time, right?  After 2 children, a divorce, financial stress, and a toxic office environment at my current job (of 5 years), I have put on close to 50lbs!  I have comforted myself with food and distracted myself mindlessly with TV and surfing the web.  After birthing 2 children I was only 10lbs. heavier than before becoming pregnant with my first child.  I believe the primary reasons for the weight gain are comforting myself with food due to loneliness, shattered dreams, and single parent stress, and then distracting myself with mindless TV watching and surfing the net to avoid the difficulties in my life, in stead of eating purposely (for nutrition), staying active, and working through all of life's stresses.  So, here are my Top 10 reasons for getting back into SHAPE:

10.  I don't recognize myself in the mirror.  (On the inside, I don't feel like the person that I see in the mirror...I still feel like I am about 50lbs. lighter.)

9.  Set a GOOD example for of my children.

8.  My youngest child has referred to me as "big".  That rocked me back on my heals.  I never want to be reffered to as "big".

7.  I want to sit on my S.O.'s lap and not hurt him.  At this size, I would not even consider sitting on his lap.  [My S.O. is roughly my same height and roughly my same weight, only he has lots of masculine muscles.  I should not weigh the same as my S.O.]

6.  I don't want to be the "fat one" in my family or amongst my friends.  I want to be the "in SHAPE one".

5.  Gain knowledge and experience so that I can share this with other single moms who fell into the same traps as myself and gained a lot of weight.

4.  I like swimming, tennis, and hiking!  I want to get back to doing these things!

3.  I want to give my S.O. a beautiful gift for his upcoming birthday, and feel completely confident and sexy doing it...looking my very best!

2.  To physically feel better.  Not have my joints ache, my ankles swell, and lose my breath from 2 flights of stairs.

1. To improve my overall health so that I LIVE life to its fullest, no matter how long I am here.  [I would like to live to see my great grandchildren!]  

I really don't know how to go about all of this.  If it were 10lbs, I could do that because I have done that before, but 50lbs!?!?  So that is why I am here on hopefully, find very useful information to help me take this journey one step at a time.

Steps I have taken on my own so far...cancelled cable (no more mindless TV watching), started to develop new dreams for my life, started updating my resume and looking for a more suitable job for me and my God-given talents, working through my financial situation, and letting love in.  Now, the food and activities!

Wish me luck!  



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