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Treadmill Love

Even though the treadmill has a reputation for being boring, I like running in the gym for a few reasons. First, other students interested in fitness congregate there and when we’re all sweating together, I get inspired to push myself a little bit harder. Secondly, all of the free weights and machines are in the same room, so when I finish my run, it’s hard to find an excuse not to do some crunches, step-ups, or lunges. Finally, I can control the exact speed, incline, and distance of my run. That last one sounds obvious, but I don’t even own a sport watch and when I run outside, I like to be able to free myself from crunching numbers and just enjoy the feelings of fresh air and exercise. Alternating relaxing, uncalculated outdoor runs on the road or trails with intervals, sprints, or hills on the treadmill improves my performance without being stuck in the gym all the time.

Do you prefer to exercise in the gym, outdoors, or a combination like I do?

Happy running,

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