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Triathlon training in a HEAT WAVE??

For the past few weeks it has been insanely hot on the East Coast (today it's almost a 100!!), which makes exercising outdoors and training for my triathlon much more difficult to do; not to mention potentially dangerous. When I'm training lately, I feel like I’m running through a sauna and I sweat way more than usual—I basically strip down to nothing and am so red in the face I get tons of weird looks from the people I’m passing as I run. And with only 2 weeks to go until race day (July 18), I’m getting nervous that this year it’s going to be really humid! Last year, it rained the morning of my triathlon (something I was hoping wouldn’t happen of course) but this cooled down the summer temperature and by the time I had to actually jump into the Hudson and bike to the Bronx, the weather was looking good. However, with the current heat wave taking over our city, I’m thinking it’s going to be a hot one this year. Plus I'm wondering, if it's too hot, are we forced to forgo our wetsuits during our swim? I'm not sure if I can handle swimming in the Hudson River without it—it's my safety barrier that makes me feel okay with being in the open water! I put some of these questions on the experts, and consulted Julia Valentour, a certified exercise physiologist and Program Coordinator for the American Council on Exercise (ACE), about what to do if the temperatures keep rising. Check out what I learned from our interview HERE!


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