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The true secret to success? Day 15

I’m writing this right before I start by bedtime routine: the teapot is on the stove and another day of work is done (we just shipped our March cover, which looks fabulous!). On my way home I was thinking about happiness and how it underscores everything we do in our lives: our eating, our satisfaction with our bodies, our relationships with co-workers, and our lives at home.

So many of us believe—or at one time believed—that happiness was tied into the size of our waistline: “If I were only 10 pounds lighter, then I’d really be happy” or “If I only had a little bit more money, then I’d really be in a positive mood every day.” But happiness needs to start now in our lives BEFORE we achieve any of our “goals”; in fact, it’s the essential “ingredient” in achieving any goals.

There are co-workers, extended family members, and acquaintances who are ALWAYS complaining about everything (I’m sure you know some people as I do). They’re the ones to walk right by you with a grimace on their face or the ones who can’t wait to tell you the horrible things someone said to them.

Why is this a day in my 21-day makeover plan? Because by being happy every day, you WILL want to take better care of yourself, your willpower will be stronger to help you resist that plate of brownies, you’ll be more motivated to work out, you’ll carry yourself with more confidence, and you will even dress better and take better care of your hair and makeup.

How to start: have a smile for everyone you meet, be polite/caring to strangers (even if you’re in a rush to get to where you’re going), go out of your way to help someone out or stop to talk to someone who you wouldn’t normally talk to. Chances are you’ll get a rush of feel-good hormones that will help propel you to your goals—be it to lose weight, get healthier, take charge of your life, etc. This is something I’m working on as I’m in the rush of commuting every day with people often pushing and shoving on the trains.

And as for those toxic people, sometimes there are only so many smiles you can have for them. If they’re weighing you down in your life, perhaps it’s time to break free from them—so you can move forward.

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