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Two-Soup Dinner

I spent Saturday packing and running errands, and trying to eat up my leftovers in the fridge (namely soymilk and brown rice—no one else in my family will eat it!) in preparation for going back to school. I had cereal for breakfast and my brother and I went to Daily Grub again for lunch. I had the same delicious butternut squash curry dish. I’m amazed I’m not sick of curry yet because I had yesterday’s Curried Lentil Soup for dinner too! At least that was part of it. I also heated up some more Hoppin’ John Salad, and added the tomatoes this time. The cherry tomatoes made a lot of juice and I also added some water to the pan, so it turned out pretty soupy too. And as predicted, much prettier than the first time!

Then I crashed on the couch and watched approximately four episodes of Glee before going to sleep. (Check out the workout that reminds Glee’s Jenna Ushkowitz AKA Tina of dancing on the show). What TV shows do you watch? Do you absolutely make time for them every week or catch up on Hulu when you have time?

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