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Vacation time!

Tomorrow, I’ll be in the Dominican Republic with Dino…lounging on the beach (with my sunscreen!) and reading a good book—and I’m so excited! I haven’t been away in about two years, and I really need this time to sit back, relax, and forget about anything that’s been stressing me out. Since we only booked this vacation about a month ago, I haven’t had much time to get “bikini ready” so I’m going to have to be happy with what I’ve got. However, I feel like I carry myself with a different type of confidence now than I did a year ago. When I think about all that I went through to train for the triathlon, I’m always reminded that I do love the body that I have because it helped me accomplish that goal...getting down on myself wouldn’t be fair. Hey, I am strong and healthy. But other times, when I wasn’t as in shape, I’ve dieted like crazy and worked out like a madwoman to get myself ready to lay poolside in a bikini. But in the past year I’ve been so committed to exercising and eating right on a daily basis that it’s become a lifestyle, so I'm not thinking twice about having to go on a crash diet. Even if I don’t feel as toned as I did while I was training for my triathlon, I’m happy with my body right now—and it’s much easier to be happier with what you have, than to be obsessive about what you don’t. Plus, any vacation that I go is going to reflect what I do in my everyday life—a mixture of fitness and fun! Dino and I plan on going scuba diving (I did this once in Bermuda and I had the time of my life), hiking, and on morning runs on the beach (I'll take lots of pics to show you). So, the next time I sign in I’ll be back from vacation with a sun-kissed glow and lots of fun memories to talk about. When I return, I’ll be ready to buckle down and get focused again at work—December is always a busy time of the year for us at Shape.


This is where I'll be! : )


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