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Vegan Eats, Day 2

Real quick: breakfast was a mix of Kashi GoLean and GoLean Crunch, with soymilk and blueberries. The rest of those cartons aren’t going to last very long, I eat them like candy.

Now for the good stuff. My brother Dan and I got lunch at my favorite place in town, the fabulous and vegan Daily Grub. I wish there was one of these in every city. I ordered butternut squash and carrot ginger curry on brown rice, with a spinach pineapple ginger juice.

My curry meal was AH-MAZING. The pomegranate seeds were such a surprising and fantastic addition! I came straight to lunch starving from Yoga so I ate the whole bowl! Wonder if they’d give me the recipe?

This will probably be one of my last meals out before heading through the airport so there’ll be a lot more home cookin’ in future posts.

I forgot to tell you a story about my grocery run last night. I was in the produce section at Whole Foods picking out all these different greens and feeling pretty self-righteous and awesome about my choices. That is, until an attractive man asked me what bok choy was and I hadn’t the slightest clue. So you, unlike me, can get dates with dudes who are into greens, bok choy is Chinese Cabbage. Remember to tweet me @dormblogger if this tactic works—I want to know! Or even if it doesn’t




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