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Wait....I need a Speedo?

Most days I'm at the office past 7 pm. But last night my co-worker Sharon and I had to get our butts in gear to make it to the pool in Brooklyn for our first TNT swim practice. Before the day arrived, my commitment to doing a triathlon has been sort of abstract. Not even my first Saturday morning team run on the Upper West Side seemed beyond unordinary for me: most days I actually ENJOY waking up at 6:30 am for a run before the city starts hustling and bustling. But learning the proper way to kick my feet and breathe between strokes made this whole process very real--and it's a far cry from floating around in the Long Island ocean that I'm used to! But while we're on the topic of swimming, I have to share my ultimate embarrassment, showing up in my bikini! (Totally inappropriate swimwear for racing practice!) I honestly didn't even think twice about it then, but you can bet I'll be heading the nearest Speedo store now. Take a look at this cool photo of last year's triathletes in the Hudson River! I'm so excited.


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