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want a flatter tummy?

The double leg stretch in Pilates mat work is more that a great exercise for the abs. It also demonstrates one of the main  components of Pilates.  Two way stretch!  Your body is lengthening away from your center in two directions, which every Pilates exercise you perform should do. 

On your back (make sure you have a mat)  bring your knees into your chest and hug your ankles  Lift your head and shoulders off the mat.  You are in the smallest position you could do.You should feel the lower back firmly on the mat.  Unfold the body by reaching the arms long by your ears and your legs out to a forty five degree angle.  Make sure your legs are slightly rotated open from the hip and that your heels are pressing together to activate the inner thighs and buttocks(extra added bonus) exhale as you fold the body back to starting position.  Inhale as you lengthen  arms and legs out.  Exhale in.  Repeat ten to twelve times.  Keep your lower back on the mat, ribs in.  You head neck and shoulders stay stable.  The tummy is always pressing into the lower back.  

until next time

Yours in Pilates and health,

Mari Winsor


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