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Week 8 - Shape Challenge - Got a Little Off Track

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I'm on week 8 of my Shape Challenge. I’m now 149lbs. I haven’t lost a pound in two weeks, but haven’t gained. I see no victory here. I want to kick my own butt! I actually tried, but I’m lying on the ground right now from a thrown-out back.  It’s a little hard to kick your own butt. I can give myself mouth-to-mouth, but self-butt-kicking is a whole new ball game. I’m thinking 3 weeks of Bikram Yoga might help my cause. OKAY, OKAY, OOOKAY!!!!! I’m stalling…

You haven’t heard from me in two weeks regarding this challenging because it pained me to put down “NO WEIGHT LOST,” when I should be 142lbs right now if I had been eating right and exercising consistently - I haven’t. Last week, I really cranked-up the running because of stress and lack of time to weight train. I also cranked-up my gallons of ice cream intake - But it’s Soy ice cream and lower in fat and calories - Lauren!! You can’t throw shit on my back and call it mud, ICE CREAM IS FREAKIN ICE CREAM!! So it slowed the spillin’ of your muffin? BIG DEAL! You’re stuck!

Here is it, ladies. We all need a cheering section. I need a little nudge. This happens when we’re on our way to Jessica Alba’s body, we get in a little rut and us ladies PULL each other out. Suggestions? Encouragement? Put it in my little Vent Box below labeled “Comments.” Remember - this blog is all about NOT being alone, whether you’re falling off the weight-loss wagon or you’re on “The Biggest Loser” right now losing 40 lbs in one week - someone’s doing it too. I happen to be in the category mentioned at the beginning of the sentence. Jennifer Garner… give me your discipline and 4 trainers.. money… husband.. fame…. trainers.. perky boobs.

Here’s my plan to jump back on the Fab Body Tracks. I’m going to my college Homecoming game, Saturday, October 30. That gives me 5 weeks. MY GOAL by that date: 138lbs. Shake a leg - I can do this!! I want everyone to say, “Wow! Is that Lauren Taylor? Last time I saw her, she was in an oversized flannel shirt with a Jennifer Aniston shag-gone-wrong, doing a keg stand. WOW! I didn’t know she had a neck!

Workout plan:

Tues - 1 hr cardio/ Wed - 30 min cardio & 1 hr Shape circuit from Sept. issue/ Thur - 1 hr cardio/ Fri - 30 min cardio &  1 hr Shape circuit/ Sat - 60 min Spin Class/ Sun - 45min Spin class - 1 hr Shape circuit

Adjustments to Food this week:

1) Fruit/veggies in every meal. 2) Nothing fried.  3)LAY OFF THE WINE!!!  4)Only 1 cup of ice cream twice a week.

5) Breakfast every morning.

Cheerleaders - a little noise please? I’m picking myself off the floor here. Anyone wanting to join me - PLEASE DO!!


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