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A Weekend of Fall Frolicking in Connecticut


A few weeks ago I spent a beautiful fall weekend in West Hartford, Connecticut visiting my newly married friends, Ellen and Jared, in their new home. A few months ago, they moved from Hoboken, N.J. to the suburbs of Hartford so that they could have more space for themselves and their future family, as well as be closer to more of their own friends and family.

With just over twenty-four hours to spend together, we managed to pack in a little shopping and wine tasting at Haight Brown winery in Litchfield, dinner in West Hartford, some lounging around the house and a movie, breakfast, a visit to Brown's Harvest pumpkin patch in the neighboring town of Windsor, and a backyard BBQ before it was time to return back to the city.

I loved everything about this quick trip and wanted to share some of my discoveries with you.

Stonewall Blueberry Muffins. This is perfect for a delicious morning treat and impressive enough to whip up for out-of-town guests without spending hours in the kitchen.


Fresh-Squeezed OJ with Breville's Easy -to-Clean Die-Cast Citrus Press. Although it's pricey and limited to only citrus fruits, this juicer is so easy to clean. It creates a cup of OJ that will make you wonder why you've ever been drinking it any other way!


Johnny Apple Spice Candle by k. hall designs. This beautifully scented and affordable candle is hand-poured, made of 100 percent vegetable wax and perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. I bought one in Litchfield from the Kitchenworks and Gourmet Gifts store and adore the spicy fragrance it gives to my apartment.


Faux-Sheepskin Throw from Pottery Barn. I own one, Ellen and Jared own one, and everybody I know on my Christmas list this year will own one! It's the most comfortable blanket ever to snuggle up with. I've washed and dried mine several times, and it keeps getting softer.

Magic Hat Beer. I'm not a big beer drinker, but I had a Magic Hat this weekend and really enjoyed its cool and refreshing taste. It went well with the hamburger I had from the grill and is perfect for the fall weather.

Signing Off Loving Fall,


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