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Weekend warrior

Everyone complains during Fashion Week. We're all cold, tired, hungry, and jaded--in equal measure. Particularly on Saturday and Sunday when we've had to pass up on brunch plans with our girlfriends or a night with the boyfriend and a glass of wine. This weekend was no different as I trudged to shows and presentations at 11am, wearing a mini skirt and heels.

But then there are those moments when the fashion is so good you are practically high--oh, the editorial possibilities! Look at the detail, the art in each piece! So right for this season! And it doesn't have to be at the most sought-after ticket or the biggest-name show. Here are a few very pretty moments that made me happy I passed up a lazy day with bagels and The New York Times and into the tents.

It could be argued that most of us fashion folk got into this line of business because we never really got tired of playing dress-up. With that in mind, I've never seen as many smiling faces as I did at Barbie's 50th birthday show.

Naughty looks nice at Frank Tell.

Heavy metal prevailed at Poleci.


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