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3 Healthy Eating Lessons Your Kitty Cat Can Teach You


I love dogs but I’m currently “mommy” to three kitties: Toonces, Pepper and Peeps and every day they remind me of how healthy their feline instincts are when it comes to food. Three traits cats commonly share that humans can learn a little something from include:

1) They only eat what they like. Cats are notorious for being finicky and I know that first hand. One of my cats turns up her nose at fresh fish and has rejected every single packaged or homemade organic cat treat I’ve presented. Have you ever eaten something because it was free or it was there, felt completely unsatisfied afterwards and asked yourself “Why did I eat that?” Adopting a ‘no thanks’ policy to foods you don’t relish could help you avoid unneeded, ungratifying calories. Lesson for humans: If you don’t love it or at least really, really like it, don’t eat it.

2) They eat when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full. Cats are efficient eaters. They eat to satisfy their need for energy and stop eating when the demand’s been met. They also tend to eat small, frequent meals to steadily fuel their body’s needs. Most kitty moms and dads can leave food out without worrying about their cat pigging out. Even in the wild, a lion will bury her kill after she’s full and come back later to feed when she’s hungry. Lesson for humans: Listen to your body; even when something is really delicious, it doesn’t feel good to walk away sluggish and stuffed.

3) They look out for each other when it comes to eating healthfully. My kitties’ ancestors (wild big cats) hunt cooperatively, eat cooperatively, and care for cubs cooperatively - any female will nurse any cub in the pride. In the human world, friends often encourage “partner in crime” eating or even sabotage each other’s healthy habits. Lesson for humans: We all feel healthier and happier when we have each other’s backs.

We may have opposable thumbs, but our feline friends have a leg (or paw) up on us when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship with food. So what do you think? Are humans genetically programmed this way or are we products or our environment? Please share your thoughts!

P.S. This photo is my kitty Peeps. Cantaloupe is her all time favorite food!


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