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5 Easy Ways to Lighten Up Thanksgiving Dinner

Yesterday I posted a quiz about how choosing the ‘lesser of two evils’ can shave calories from your traditional Thanksgiving feast. Today I have five strategies for modifying some dishes to lighten them up without sacrificing flavor.


Dip Differently

Instead of serving artichoke or cheesy spinach dip with your vegetable crudite opt for hummus. It comes in amazing flavors including roasted red pepper or dill.


Undress Your Salad

Rather than dousing your greens with Italian dressing toss them with balsamic vinegar, juice from a fresh lemon wedge, a sprinkling of dried salt-free Italian herbs and a dash of fresh cracked black pepper.


De-Fat Your Taters

Leave out the butter and whip your cooked potatoes with a half cup unsweetened organic soy milk, roasted garlic and fresh chives.


Put Your Oven to Work

Instead of sautéing veggies in a skillet with butter lightly mist them with extra virgin olive oil (optional: sprinkle with fresh rosemary) and roast at 450 F to bring out their natural flavor and sweetness. Perfect for Brussels sprouts, carrots, asparagus or red onions and Bell peppers.


Go Naked for Dessert

Pour your pumpkin pie filling straight into a pie dish without the crust. I do this every year because I’d rather “spend” my carbs on potatoes!


By using the four modifications above you can save the following:

100 from your dip (based on a quarter cup portion)

60 calories from your salad dressing (based on 2 Tbsp)

100 calories per tablespoon butter – at a quarter stick (4 Tbsp) between the potatoes and veggies that’s 360

110 per slice of pie

TOTAL: 730 calories


Come back tomorrow for some tips on how to prevent going overboard on Thursday, even on healthier fare. 



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