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Are You Proud of Your Shopping Cart?

I received a comment on my Facebook page today that left me smiling from ear to ear.


Melissa (who had just lost 7 pounds in 4 days by following the plan from my new book) wrote, “I went shopping this afternoon and loaded my cart up with things I've never considered buying. I stood in line between two carts full of crap basically and I felt so good about what was in mine. I wanted to show it off. :) I've tried so many diets before and I have a completely different feeling going into this one. I can't wait to start trying exploring all of the recipes.”


When I read this my arms literally shot up in the air and I let a little shout out! If you regularly read this blog you know that I’m all about eating clean, nutrient rich foods, and not eating “diet” processed foods. To feel proud about what you’re putting into your body is an amazing feeling, and in my experience that kind of motivation is what helps people continue to eat well - consistently - rather than following a “diet” they end up going “on” and “off” or cannot maintain long-term.


Another person, Jade, from the FB page wrote, “I have had friends eat foods that I normally crave in front on me, and the thought of putting that in my body wasn't appetizing at all.”


That’s powerful because it’s not at all about a “should” or “can’t have” it’s about what feels right.


So how do you feel about what you’re eating? Please share your thoughts!





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