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Are YOU too busy? I knew a man too busy....

I came across this poem I wrote awhile back and thought it worthy of sharing.

While you celebrate your new goals and transformations, don't forget to celebrate your inner strength.  Just a little soul food and food for thoughts.


Teri LaFaye (sassyonyx)


                    Remorse (I Knew A Man Too Busy)


I knew a man too busy
to stop and pace his stride
before long (much too quickly)
life soon had passed him by.

On standing ‘fore his maker,
asked, “why’d I die so soon?
I had much to accomplish
and too much left to do!”

His Maker looked directly
at him with opened eyes;
and sadness framed his portrait
when He in fact replied,

“I gave you 60 minutes
within each hour and then
I placed within one day
24 of them.

But you, my son, you squandered
away your precious years
forgetting what’s important,
your joy and love. It’s clear

now, out of time and balance,
you say you’ve ‘much to do,’
and lay blame on my shoulders
the choices YOU did choose.

However, wise? You were not!
The hour glass is dry.
The years once yours for LIVING
have now, Son, passed you by.”

Eternity is lasting.
Embrace YOUR life in ways
regret is not the answer
you get on judgment day.

By Teri La Faye
May 22, 2008


 “My religion is to live and die without regret.”

"When everything is said and done, make sure more is done than said." Something my daddy taught me.


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