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Body by Baby Food?


You may have seen reports swirling all over celebrity magazines and web sites that superstar Jennifer Anniston slimmed down fast on the set of her new film by eating 14 portions of baby food all day, followed by one sensible dinner. Apparently when asked about it, Jen laughed off the rumors, saying, "Sorry, but the last time I had baby food, I believe I was one." But even though this evidently wasn't Jen's stealth strategy for dropping 7 pounds in 7 days, I continue to be asked by tons of people, "Should I try it?"


The short answer is no, but I can see why it would be appealing. Baby food probably doesn't make your mouth water, but the promise of quick results combined with the convenience of a ready-to-eat food and the novelty of a new weight loss method is a formula that tends to draw people in like moths to a flame.


If you are tempted, here are a few things to think about:


It's true that organic brands of baby food are made from healthy ingredients, basically just pureed organic fruits, veggies, whole grains and meat. And yes they're low in calories - each jar contains between 25 and 80 cals. There are even some fairly tempting flavors, like apple peach barley, and at 14 portions a day, plus a sensible dinner (say 350-400 calories), you could end up with a total daily intake of about 1,200 calories, which is the lowest I recommend going for a short-term "jump start."


But could you actually stomach eating that much baby food a day, even for a week? And how would you feel while doing it? Munching on a meal replacement bar or sipping a protein shake instead of reaching for a sandwich is one thing, but whipping out a tiny jar of baby food and infant sized spoon seems like it would feel, well, a bit weird, maybe even degrading? 


I'm not totally against the idea of a short-term quick fix. In my experience counseling people one-on-one for over a decade, some people really need a concrete, easy to follow plan that generates quick results in order to gain the confidence and motivation needed to commit to a healthy long-term way of eating. (For more of my thoughts on quick fixes, check out my post called The Dos and Don'ts of Detoxing.)


But I do believe that any eating plan, even a short-term transitional diet should allow you to feel well, not just physically but also emotionally. And I just don't think baby food fits the bill. What are your thoughts? Have you tried this or thought about it? Please share!



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