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Cinch! on The Martha Stewart Show

What an amazing end to this week! Today I appeared on The Martha Stewart Show (I'm on the left) to talk about Cinch! and introduce Martha and her viewers to Jen who has lost 30 lbs following the Cinch! plan. Being on Martha’s show was such a wonderful experience. And wow, I was so honored to be sharing my recipes on her show. I don’t know if they post segments or episodes online but you can click here to see the recipes we featured.


Also Page Daily, a fun, hip fashion/beauty/health site featured Cinch! and asked me to be a guest editor, which involved chronicling a day in my life. What a day to pick! Here’s what I did and what I ate!


As busy as this week has been it’s also been exhilarating. Today I read a review of Cinch! on amazon that literally brought tears to my eyes. It says, “I received my copy yesterday and read it cover to cover in one sitting!! I couldn't put it down. Each page had some new discovery for me. I really have changed the way I look at food in JUST 1 DAY!! I know it's crazy, but it's true. Something just clicked for me.”


I live, sleep, eat and breathe nutrition and wellness. It’s what I live for. It feels amazing to have the opportunity to “spread the word” and be part of the Shape family and community.


If you have any questions about Cinch! or just nutrition and weight loss in general fire away. That’s what I’m here for!



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