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Clean Eating Tip: Clean Up Your Energy Bars

Bars can make great portable mini meals or ready-to-eat snacks, but before you buy your next batch, check the ingredient list. See anything you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce? Food ingredients shouldn’t read like a science experiment. Fortunately there are several “clean” options on the market, made with the same ingredients you’d use to make a bar in your own kitchen, such as:

Larabars. In the Cinnamon Roll flavor, ingredients are: dates, walnuts, almonds, raisins, cinnamon

Jocolat: In the Chocolate Hazelnut bar, there are: organic dates, organic hazelnuts, organic almonds, organic cocoa powder, organic unsweetened chocolate)

Clif C: The Raspberry flavor consists of: organic dates, almonds, organic cranberries (organic cranberries, organic apple juice concentrate), organic apples, macadamia nuts, raspberry juice concentrate, sea salt, natural vitamin E)


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