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Everyone’s Clamoring for Lollipop Kale

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What do you get when you cross kale and Brussels sprouts together? A lollipop. And no, this isn't your typical sugary lollipop but rather a small bundle of joy.

A writer for Grub Street reported about lollipop kale yesterday, and I just had to investigate. I love Brussels sprouts but am not a fan of kale (I know, shocking for a nutritionist to confess) and have many patients who love kale and not Brussels. For all of us, this could be a brand new opportunity to expand our vegetable horizon. [Tweet about this new kale!]

The lollipop, also known as kale sprouts, belongs to the same plant species (Brassica oleracea) as other popular veggies. They were created under the brand Salad Savoy and trademarked in 2012. Presently they are starting to pop up in restaurants in the U.S., though rather slowly. Supposedly they aren't the easiest veggie to grow and because the cost is a little high to purchase. 

According to the article, they taste great and are just as versatile to use in cooking as Brussels and kale, whether they’re eaten steamed, sauteed, roasted, or raw. I also wouldn't be surprised if they taste good in a smoothie for those presently enjoying kale. I couldn't find the exact nutrition info for them, but Salad Savoy claims that 4 ounces has double the amount of vitamin B6 and twice the C of Brussels sprouts, which provides 16 percent of your daily B6 and 129 percent of your C in the same serving size.

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I look at this way: If you cross two nutrition powerhouses, you really can't lose. Brussels sprouts and kale are also packed with iron, folate, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, and folate. I hope to see this lollipop sprout up in all restaurants and food stores in the very near future.

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