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FITNESS does NOT have an age requirement...

I have blogged about this woman before. I still find her incredible! She is the epitome of fitness at ANY age.  She is 73 years old. I have a picture of her in my gym. To me, this is a hero I aspire to be like.

 Whenever I hear someone say "I am too old for this or that...", I think of Wanja.

I hope I can inspire others the way she has inspired me.

If you google her name or watch her on Youtube, you will be amazed at the stamina ofthis woman. I still am awed by the strength she has, not only physical, but mental strength to endure. Wow! it doesn't get any more inspiring than this!

73 year old Swedish fitness enthusiast Wanja Sjodin A former model, she started weight training at age 47 and ran her first marathon when she was 50.

image via zonecapone


The pic doesn’t begin to show her fitness level – if you look on YOUTUBE there are many videos on her.  

 Impressive! NO DOUBT!

I will add fitness does not come with an age limit.

 And the best time to start is NOW!

Keep it up! Find you a role model to plant an image in your daily routines. The best is out there looking for us to find it!

Be blessed! Inspire someone today and you will be an inspiration!

Teri LaFaye (sassyonyx)



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