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Mirrors LIE

The older I get, the more I think. My kids (I say 'mine' even though I know they belong to someone else) these kids remind me to look within for answers. In my Literary Genre class, we think a great deal. It may not always go in the ways I had aimed for, but the outcomes are always what we ALL needed in that moment. I told Kenny in an email today we should remember to not compare ourselves to everyone around us. Too many times we forget that the reflection in the mirror is only a small portion of who we truly are. Maybe such wisdom only comes with age. I see the person in the mirror and the part of me that focuses in on another wrinkle, or another flaw, thinks of the ticking of the clock. However, then I remember there is the other person inside of me...... that person knows the reflection is not the essence of who I. So, in the course of this day, I will wish my readers to see the ALL of who they are...change the things you can, accept the things you can't change, and at the end of each day BE THANKFUL YOU HAD THE CHANCE. Each day is numbered, not in the hours seen, but the seconds we make count. big hugs 2 u! Teri LaFaye


by Teri LaFaye
November 07, 2009          
             When Scenes Are Not What's Seen




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