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Painful Rants and Ravings!

     The past couple of weeks have been a little tougher than usual.

I sprained my ankle doing cardio, and think I tore the ligaments in my left leg around the ankle and Achilles’s tendon into my calf muscle. I usually have a very high tolerance for pain, but man….any injury to the Achilles’s tendon is painful! Furthermore, I have taken enough naproxen to float a battleship to China!  I hate taking any kind of pain medicine and it goes against everything I try to practice in my routines, etc.


     About 6 years ago I broke my left foot, so anytime I injure my feet, I go into caution mode.  I have done everything I know to do: rule of thumb...


which is what you should do for a sprain. I would think it should be much better by now. I injured it the 26th of February.

I have never been a very patient person with myself, so the delay in being able to work out has gotten to me! I made an appointment on Tuesday for the foot doctor to check it out and make sure nothing is serious. I treat stuff like this as a learning experience. The last real injury I had was a torn rotator's cuff about 4 years ago, so I have been really lucky.


     On another note, on Monday,  I got the appliances: spacers and a retainer looking thing for my pre-braces orthodontist work. And my teeth/mouth is REALLY sensitive! I have lost about 3 pounds already (saw that coming….packed some weight on before I got myself into this).  Liquid or soft foods are about all I can eat. I keep thinking about the end of the journey…..and these being speed bumps!  Lol  Some days are better than others. I’d rather my mouth hurt than my foot though.


     Promise to be a little less whiney the next blog, but for now….I could use some love and hugs!

Blessed Be!
Teri LaFaye (sassyonyx)


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