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Post Thanksgiving Rebound Part 1

If you gobbled up too much holiday fare over the long weekend you may be tempted to go to extreme measures to undo the damage. But even if Thanksgiving was a full on binge fest the worst thing you can do right now is starve yourself. That path will only bring your metabolism to a screeching halt and cause your body to cling to stored fat. Instead keep it simple by getting back into your usual routine and focusing on a few effective strategies. The first: make water your beverage of choice.  


Water for weight loss isn’t new but a recent study confirmed its value. Adults who gulped 2 cups before meals lost 40% more weight over 12 weeks. Water is essential for calorie-burning and upping your intake can also help you flush out any fluid you may be retaining.


Aim for 8 cups (8 ounces each) a day, such as:

1 right when you wake up

1 between breakfast and lunch

2 with lunch

1 between lunch and your afternoon snack

2 with dinner

1 between dinner and bed time


Maybe it’s because our bodies are mostly made of water, or because water represents purity, but many of my clients feel that simply drinking more H2O is the #1 change that helps them feel “cleansed” and get back on track. Please let me know how it works for you!


Come back tomorrow for strategy #2.



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