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Post Thanksgiving Rebound Part 2

Yesterday I blogged about resisting the urge to embark on a strict post turkey day diet and instead focus on a few effective strategies. The second: curb your carbs, just a bit. 


I often find that when my clients are trying to eat light they choose meals like turkey subs or a soup/sandwich combo. But those “light” meals can still be packed with carbs. Case in point:


Panera Bread: You Pick Two: Cup of Garden Vegetable Soup, half Smoked Turkey Sandwich = a very reasonable 390 calories, but 54 g carbs


Subway: 6” Oven Roasted Chicken Sub on Wheat = just 320 calories but 49 g carbs (plus 25 more if you pair it with a single serving bag of baked chips)


Carbs aren’t the enemy, but cutting back a bit can help you look and feel a lot lighter – especially if you overindulged on starchy stuff over the holiday (mashed potatoes, stuffing, pie, etc.). For more about why click here.


Here are a few alternatives from the same establishments that are similar in calories but lighter in carbs:


Panera Bread: You Pick Two Cup of Black Bean Soup, half Classic Café Salad = 27 g carbs


Subway: Veggie Delight Salad (with oil and vinegar), Minestrone Soup= 24 g carbs


Curtailing your carbs a bit, just this week, can be a major way to de-bloat without depriving your body. If you give it a try please let me know how you feel.    



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