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Say "I Do" to a Happy Marriage, Not Weight Gain


It is not unusual in my practice to have a patient complain about gaining weight after his or her wedding and honeymoon are but a memory. I also see it happen sometimes when a happy couple decides to move in together long before the big day. So I was not surprised when a recent study from Methodist University in Dallas revealed that young newlyweds who are happy in their marriage tend to put on pounds.

If you recently became a Mrs., here is what I constantly remind my patients: Just because you are no longer in pursuit for a boyfriend or fitting into your wedding gown doesn't mean you now have carte blanche to eat whatever you want.

My patients also usually blame their weight gain on their other half’s eating behaviors or activity level. I kindly tell them that it is simply an excuse. I have been with my husband for 20 years, married for 13 of them, and have never gained an ounce; meanwhile he has gained, lost, and regained many, many pounds.

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Ideally, being on the same page about health would be better and a whole lot easier. Just think how many more happy years you could spend together if you were both healthy. Whatever your case, in order to prevent love chub, the following can be useful:

  • Stop associating weight only with fitting into the perfect pair of jeans (or dress) and start thinking about the risk of heart disease, diabetes, or stroke. 
  • If you are planning to have a family, better start thinking what it takes to be a healthy role model—don’t wait until your children are overweight.
  • When cooking at home, you can eat the same entrée as your spouse or boyfriend, but watch your portion size. Serve yourself less and make up the difference on your plate with lots of veggies.
  • You don’t always need to have the same main dish at home. It is just as easy to broil a piece of fish for you if he insists on a steak for himself.
  • When dining out, choose something healthy and keep your fork on your own plate. You can still say no to the breadbasket, even if he says yes.
  • Enjoying a bottle of wine with dinner might be something you enjoy doing together, but you would be better off sticking with one glass. 
  • Keep up your exercise routine. If he wants to be a couch potato, let him, you can join him there later.


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