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Simplicity: Brushing Through the Matter


As I begin to think about the word SIMPLICITY... I thought of when we are adults, we tend to get so caught up in the BIG PICTURE than we overlook the SIMPLE DETAILS. When we are children, we see everything so simple, so pure, so magical.

I recently visited a place I went to as a child and the first thing I noticed was how small the yard was. Funny, when I was a child the yard looked so big! the far away...but then, as I grew up, I grew AWAY.

In the complexity of the world, sometimes simplicity is a factor people grow away from.

Children see the minute details...the little things, as adults get lost in the big picture. We tend to paint ourselves into corners and brush through our days too quickly. I don't ever want to lose that childlike innocence.

Ironically, people get so caught up in life....that they forget to LIVE. And the things that matter the most? are not 'things' at all.

Just something to THINK about....

I think about the lives we lead:
the avenues of wants and needs,
the sadness locked behind the eyes
of most who simply pass us by.

I think about ... and minds await:
so hungry for another taste
of knowledge they have yet to learn...
another chapter, pages turn.

I think about the smiles, but know
true feelings do not always show
the hidden factors shielding eyes
of those who merely pass us by.

So much, like you, I wear a mask:
my feelings guarded, holding back
a cup of truth is passed around
for moments (few) a wall comes down.

I think of how I learn FROM YOU!
I see things from your point of view,
then, ever slightly masks we wear
disappear cause someone CARED.

by Teri LaFaye
© 2006/2008/2009



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