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Starbucks Adds Soda to the Menu


As the temperature outside begins to climb, Starbucks thinks its customers might enjoy a nice, cold soda instead of (or perhaps to go along side) an iced frappuccino. Starting tomorrow, the coffee giant is expanding its cold beverage portfolio to include a handcrafted soda line called Fizzio. This exciting unveil will launch in southern stores and hopes to expand to more stores.

Coming in three flavors—spiced root beer, golden ginger ale, and lemon ale—each Fizzio is made to order (just like your favorite coffee drink); contains no artificial flavors, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup; and is 100 calories for a grande size (16 fuild ounces). As reported in USA Today, “Starbucks handcrafted soda does not combine carbonated water with syrup as in most commercial machines. Instead, the flavors and spices are combined in a large cheesecloth—like a big tea bagand steeped in hot water. Buyers can request light, standard, or extra carbonation.”

Okay, now my turn: Soda is still soda, sad but true. Sure there is no high fructose corn syrup in Starbuck’s version, but there is still cane sugar. To be exact, there is 39 grams of sugars in the spiced root beer and 26 grams in both ales for a grande. If someone were to order a bigger size, and you know that happens, the numbers will obviously go up. For example, if someone orders a trenta size (31 fluid ounces) of the spiced root beer, they would be drinking 52 grams of sugars for 210 calories. And the sad part, there is absolutely no nutritional benefit.

Hey, if you want one Fizzio soda and can order the tall size for 80 calories, go for it. But I think you are better off making your own carbonated drink with a little 100-percent whole fruit juice and seltzer or sparkling water with fruit slices like lemon, lime, or orange. This way you can spend those 80 calories toward something more nutritious, like a glass of low-fat milk, almonds, fresh fruit, or Greek yogurt.


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