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Staying on Track When Life is Stressful

When ‘life happens’ I know it can be tempting to take a break from healthy eating. Between the serious medical crisis of a family member, a whole lot of deadlines, and necessary travel, this past week has felt like one big blur.


I’ll admit that I didn’t get quite enough sleep, but I did manage to maintain my nutrition goals, mostly because when times get tough I rely on easy breezy “back ups.” Here’s a tip I’ve shared with a lot of my clients:  


I always keep a stash of healthy take-out menus on hand so even if I’m too busy to get to the market I can phone in my meal. I usually rely on a Chinese place right around the corner where I can order steamed veggies with brown rice and organic tofu. It’s super plain but after it arrives I spruce it up with a dollop of an all natural ginger lemon grass sauce I stock in the fridge (made by The Ginger People).


This particular place takes credit cards and online orders but I always keep a little cash in my kitchen cupboard just in case. Sometimes ordering in can be one of the smartest ways to stay healthy – and sane!


What’s your best strategy for staying on track with you’re stressed to the max? Please share!


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