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Surprising Restaurant Calorie Traps!

This week I’ve been blogging about holiday related healthy eating challenges. Another one I hear about from my clients this time of year is dining out more often. Avoiding the bread basket is difficult enough, but there are three other traps you may not be aware of:


Unknowingly eating a double dose (or more) of calories. I recently went online to check out the nutrition facts for apps and entrees at one of my favorite chain restaurants. As I was scanning through I noticed that the servings per dish said two, not one. In other words, the calories listed were only for half the entrée! Lesson: if you check the digits before you dine out be sure to check the number of servings per amount served. At that same restaurant the ‘servings per dish’ for the most decadent dessert said 4!


Hidden sauces and dressings. At some restaurants the nutrition info for salads doesn’t include the dressing. The same may hold true for sauces and dips. For example Thai peanut sauce served with spring rolls can tack on an extra 400 calories. Before you douse or dip double check what’s included and what’s extra.  


Forgotten food. When I ask my clients about what they ate when dining out they usually remember. But when I inquire about what they drank I often see a look of recognition, followed by, “Oh yeah, I did have sangria (or a margarita, daiquiri, etc.) with that. One frozen margarita can run up your calorie bill by 300 or more, the same amount in a slice of pie. Don’t forget to think of drinks other than H2O as part of your meal.


So what’s your take on this topic? Have you been eating at home less often these days? Please share your thoughts!    



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