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Take Off Your Nutrition Blinders!

The other day someone who read my last few blog entries told me she couldn’t believe how much she learned and how much she realized they didn’t know about nutrition. I can actually relate to that. When I was a teen I didn’t really know anything about nutrition. I ate what I wanted to, when I wanted to, including plenty of soda, fast food and candy. But after studying nutrition science in college and graduate school I realized that knowledge is power.


I’ll admit that not knowing seems easier – I’ve had several clients say, “I kinda wish I didn’t know this stuff because now I don’t see food the same way.” I get that. That’s how I feel about money sometimes, but while being in the dark about debt and investments was easier it wasn’t better. The more you know about anything, especially the fundamental things that really affect your daily life, the more informed you are to make decisions that allow you reach your goals today, tomorrow and in the future.


The truth is your health impacts everything  - your ability to feel well, work and be independent, have children if you want to, and enjoy life. That’s why in my opinion nutrition is one of the most important things you can know about. 


So what do you have questions about? Is there anything about nutrition or weight control that confuses you or that you’ve always wondered about? If so fire away! One of my favorite things about blogs is the chance to ask experts to explain what they’re an expert in! The more information and clarity you have the more in control YOU are.


Looking forward to your questions and comments!



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