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Too Busy to Cook? Healthy in a Hurry Meals

With the holidays right around the corner life can get a bit busy this time of year. But on those days when you just don’t have time to prepare a home cooked meal there are healthy in a hurry alternatives.


First up a few frozen options. Each gets my seal of approval because it passes my 4 step evaluation. In order to earn a place in my grocery cart a frozen dinner or canned option must:


1)    Be made only with “real food” ingredients. Basically it has to read like a recipe you could recreate in your own kitchen. If there are any ingredients you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce it’s probably not the healthiest option.

2)    It must contain carbohydrate, protein and fat. This combination will keep you fuller longer, give you better blood sugar control and give your body a broader spectrum of nutrients.

3)    The saturated fat should be no more than 3 grams to keep your heart healthy.

4)    The sodium should be no greater than 500-600 mg. The recommendation for sodium is no more than 2,300 mg daily for healthy people, so if you eat 4 meals a day that’s 575 per meal.


Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain English Muffins 

Each provides 6 g of fiber, 8 g of protein, 0 g saturated fat and 160 mg sodium. Just toast and spread with natural peanut, almond, cashew or other butter, and pair with a piece of fruit or glass of organic skim or soy milk.


Amy’s frozen Brown Rice & Vegetable Bowl

This meal provides just 1 g of saturated fat, 5 g of filling fiber and 550 mg of sodium and it’s ready in just a few minutes in the microwave.


My 3rd pick is Kettle Cuisine 3 Bean Chili (frozen)

Again just 1 gram of saturated fat with less sodium 450 mg and a whopping 13 g of fiber.


Come back tomorrow for some portable meal replacement options.


P.S. Do your healthy eating habits tend to slip when you get super busy? Please share your thoughts!



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