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Trick Your Brain to Eat Less

This week I’ve been blogging about strategies for reversing the Thanksgiving damage. Here’s one more that can help you year round: choose foods with built-in portion speed bumps. Here’s what I mean:


Let’s say you ate a frozen treat on a stick. Once you’re finished and you see the empty stick your brain kind of registers, “Finished.” And if you go back for another one it feels a lot different than shaking a little bit more cereal into your bowl. In other words foods that are portioned with “markers” sort of train your brain to stop eating.


Here are 7 smartly portioned "clean" foods I really like:


Larabars (lately I’m really hooked on Pecan Pie)

Speed Bump: the wrapper

Calories: 220 (vegan)


Justin’s Nut Butter, Classic Almond

Speed Bump: the individual 2 Tbsp pouch

Calories: 80 (vegan)


Better Oats Raw Pure & Simple Bare Hot Cereal

Speed Bump: the individual tear open pouch

Calories: 160 (vegan)


Organic Valley Stringles

Speed Bump: string cheese sized portions, individually wrapped

Calories: 80


Laughing Cow Mini Babybels

Speed Bump: the adorable red mini wax encasement  

Calories: 70 per original, 50 per light


Stonyfield Organic Oikos 0% Vanilla Greek Yogurt, 4 packs

Speed Bump: the 4 oz peel top container

Calories: 80


Diana's Bananas Babies Dark Chocolate Frozen Bananas

Speed Bump: the wooden stick

Calories: 140 (vegan)


Dagoba Organic New Moon Dark Chocolate Tasting Squares

Speed Bump: the gold foil wrapper

Calories 45 each (vegan)


So what’s your take on this topic? Do you feel that pre-portioned foods help you stay more mindful of how much you’re eating? Please share!



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