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Tweet What You Eat?

Since my new book Cinch! was published several people have reached out to me through both Twitter and Facebook about their meals, sometimes with photos!


In yesterday’s post I wrote about being proud of what’s in your grocery cart and this takes that to a whole new level! Do you feel good enough about what you eat to share it with the world? And would sharing your meals give you support, accountability and maybe even allow you to get excited about eating healthy stuff? I’d love to hear what you think about this!  


Here’s a recent meal pic I posted to my Facebook page from a restaurant I visited while in Austin: veggies sauteed in roasted chipotle salsa (amazing) in homemade corn tortillas with vegetarian mashed pinto beans and homemade guac. Yummy! I loved every bite, felt great about eating it and felt energized and satisfied afterwards!


Would you tweet or FB what you eat? Please share your thoughts!






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