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Victory Visions: Food for Thoughts


Victory Visions:
Food For Thoughts
     How important is self image? It has been said that a person is as they think they are.  So what if your thinking stinks?  How important are the thoughts and mental images we hold of ourselves to what is really seen and realized?

     Studies have shown that through visualization and meditation a person can literally change their stinking thinking into victorious visions.  By visualizing what we want, we trigger our minds into producing the thoughts needed to accomplish the goals we want to reach.  Affirming these goals, and seeing, not only the start, but the final results of our goals, we can literally materialize what is thought about.

     A person who allows five minutes to visualization each night before falling asleep are more likely to reach their goals quicker than the person who goes to sleep worrying about the next day's events or what was left unfinished today.

     In a college study, two teams were giving an assignment to increase their skills and accuracy in making goals. The first team was to practice daily on the court to obtain skills needed for making every goal count.  The second team was to practice one hour a day, but only in their minds. They were to visualize themselves making each goal with precision and expertise.  After thirty days, the study concluded that the team who had visualized their skills accurately and without errors made more goals than the team who had been practicing on the court every day. Amazing? Not really...because the mind cannot truly distinguish what is real and fantasy. 

     So, why not let your mind do the work for you?  By reshaping your thoughts and what you think about, you can reshape your life and mold it into the positive image  you affirm.  Does this process happen immediately? Well, no; but the old adage "practice makes perfect" can in turn change an exercise into a habit.  Through daily meditation and visualization, you can transform your stinking thinking into vivid victories!   William  Shakespeare once wrote,  "There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so."
Teri LaFaye


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